Amel Tafsout’s Weekly Classes


“You may believe you are seeking Amel for dance lessons. Perhaps you believe she’ll teach you to speak Arabic, or to sing charming North African songs, or to play a hand drum, but it is only Spirit, luring you, inviting you to listen more deeply to the longings of your Soul. To work with Amel is to have the secrets of the Universe revealed, one giggle at a time. For when you stand next to this Sister, the beauty of life and the depth of our humanity, are all revealed, whether clapping our hands, or stamping our feet – shaking the foundations of our life …all because we thought we were going to take a dance class.”

– Shamsi Sunshine (Sept. 2013)


Amel currently has one weekly class starting in 2019.   Venue: Amel’s Home Studio, 6085 Old Sacramento Road, Plymouth, CA 95669

New dates coming soon!

The  World Dance class welcomes women who share an interest in dance as a language of personal and communal spiritual expression. The class embraces a rich diversity of dance movements, cultures, spiritual traditions and abilities in order to enable an integration of body, mind and spirit.

Students will be introduced to foundational dance movements, footwork, isolations, proper posture, movement articulation and bodylines. The class covers basic dance movements and steps incorporating drills and repetition to Arabic and North African music.

! Tap into your feminine nature while getting in shape!
! Awaken your Body! Nurture your Spirit!
! Have fun while building Strength, Balance and Flexibility.
Bring a Yoga Mat – Wear comfortable shoes (not tennis shoes) RSVP

Instructor: Amel Tafsout is a master dance artist, choreographer, language and dance instructor. With extensive research in dance anthropology, Tafsout’s knowledge of culture and her experience in many dance styles and music make her instruction very unique.