Folkloric February – Dance Classes, Performance, and Sufi Healing Workshop – 2020 @ Aalim Dance Academy
Feb 7 – Feb 9 all-day

On February 7-9 2020 I will be traveling to Oklahoma to teach dance and Sufi healing workshops, give a lecture and perform. Please contact: Ayperi Al Jawahir: ayperiaj@gmail.com

Folkloric February - Dance perfomance, Lecture and Sufi Healing

Maghreb Dance Intensive Course – Feb 19 – 23, 2020 @ Studio Afra
Feb 19 – Feb 23 all-day

Maghreb Dance 5-day Intensive CourseMaghreb Dance Intensive At Studio Afra in Sutter Creek, CA. Contact Amel Tafsout: ameltafsout@gmail.com

Annual Maghreb Dance Intensive. February19th– 23rd 2020! A real immersion in North African Dance and music culture! I will be teaching the Maghreb Dance Intensive VII.  It is 25 hours of instruction on North African Maghreb Dance including Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania and Libya.

Cost: Total cost for the 5-day intensive is $ 750. A non-refundable deposit of $200 is necessary in order to reserve your spot.

The balance due should be paid no later than Monday, January 24th 2020. Day-trippers may be permitted. The cost for day tripping is $200 a day. I only give this intensive once a year. Dancers come to study from all over the USA as well as overseas. Please remember that space is VERY limited so register early and reserve your spot by sending $200 non-refundable deposit. You are not registered until I get the deposit.

I will send a schedule on The Maghreb Dance Intensive on January 30th after receipt of deposit. There will be a certificate of completion for all who have attended the full five days.

Here is a review from Maria Lewis who attended the Intensive this year:

“ Last year in March I attended Amel Tafsout’s dance intensive. If you’re looking for a fun and informational experience about culture and dance you should check it out. I went to dance but I gained so much more. I was immersed in the rich culture of the Maghreb region. I sang the songs, I danced the dances, I drummed the rhythms, I wore the costumes, and I learned the culture.

My time learning from Amel Tafsout at the Maghreb Dance Intensive was phenomenal. It was almost as if I was studying abroad again. I am finding myself longing for more of this knowledge and experience. As a new dancer, I felt nervous before going but it didn’t take long for me to forget about being nervous. I learned a tremendous amount by attending and would do it again all over.”

Please email me right away if you are interested to join as February is coming soon and the number of attendees is limited.

Algerian Cultural Trip May 4 – 16, 2020 @ By Amel Tafsout & Riwaya Travel
Mar 4 – Mar 16 all-day
Dance Workshops in Vienna, Austria
Mar 28 – Mar 29 all-day
Dance and Healing Workshops – Maribor, Slovenia @ Silk Dance Company
Apr 3 – Apr 5 all-day

Images from recent event.

Workshops in Paris, France
Apr 18 – Apr 19 all-day

Details to follow soon.

Workshops in NOLA
Apr 21 – Apr 28 all-day

Workshops in NOLA. Contact Kryss Staho: perchance2dream@hotmail.com

The 17th Arab Dance Seminar in Chicago!
Nov 6 – Nov 8 all-day

The 17th Arab Dance Seminar in Chicago!

  • 20 hours of dance instruction & lectures
  • Music lessons plus live music concert
  • Egypt, North Africa, Gulf & Near East
  • This year’s topic: REAPPROPRIATION -how to distinguish between exploiting vs supporting a culture and its dance