‘Always graceful, she nevertheless reflected the enormous energy and excitement of the strongly percussive music to add an extra dimension to a truly remarkable evening’, P.Rush, ‘The Stage’, Nov.1997, London, U.K.‘Amel Tafsout, accompanied on drum by Salah-Dawson Miller, provided us with a third contrast in dance styles, the earthy rhythms of the drums and Amel’s mesmeric hips and arms made you feel as though you were in a Berber tent’, Afra Al Kahira, 1999, U.K.


‘Watching a performance by Amel Tafsout is a cathartic experience. (…) She dances from the very core of herself. Sensuality is expressed as power and generosity. She has a direct stare, a presence that can only come from the true knowledge of herself and her art. She is a unique performer and there is no one else who dances like her.” Beatrice Parvin, in Habibi Magazine, Vol.18,no 1, 1999, Santa Barbara, USA.


‘Strong woman, passionate, formidable cultural ambassador, internationally acclaimed, spiritual, Medicine woman, [patient, gentle, academic, linguist, powerful ambience surrounding her’ - All true. But there is the rest: the humour!’ Marian Watson, in ‘Mosaic, Winter 2001/2


‘Amel will seem to you like a voyager between countries, cultures and languages (…). Her technique of teaching focuses on sharing the spiritual energies (…). Each of Amel’s movements come from inside her and are charged with pure energies. While Amel, the Berber woman, moves closer to the souls of the women, they in turn become more aware of their own strength and are able to recover their spiritual balance through dance. The word ‘healing’ is not mentioned but what happens here is nothing less than that.’ Gizella Hartmann, in ‘Orient Magazine’, Germany nr.1,2002


“Amel Tafsout’s class made me feel so good that I decided I couldn’t do without her charming smile, her great energy and that wonderful dance. I added her class to my daily “must do” list.  Amel is a magic woman and a great spirit. Her classes were packed every day.”Yasmela in Review re the Middle Eastern Music and Dance Camp. Aug.17-24, 2003


“And yet, when you meet her, Tafsout is also tremendous fun, and infects everyone she meets with huge enthusiasm for North African dance.’ Mira Katbamna, 2003”‘The truly amazing Amel... the inspirational Amel Tafsout’ Kerry Stewart in “Belly Dance Oasis: Magazine, April to June 2008, AU.


“Amel Tafsout – Multi-faced Woman (…) She has a strong, vibrant and joyful life force that is both compelling and fascinating. (…) I think of Amel as being a bridge or conduit between cultures, and as an emissary for Arabic women here in the United States. (…) Amel is a free spirit, yet at the same time very grounded in her spirituality. (…) when she plays the drum and sings (…) I feel completely transported to another place (…) Her singing soothes my soul.” Her teaching comes from the heart and soul and, she reaches out and touches her students in their heart and soul. Her deep sense of spirituality permeates her every aspect of her expression as a teacher. At dance workshops, you don’t just learn dance steps; you learn about the people behind the dance, it’s history, culture and spirituality.”About her Sacred Sufi dance workshops:“ During the workshop, she (Amel) inmates intuition that guides her from person to person just when they seem to need her help as they undergo a profound personal healing, and yet she also fosters a safe and nurturing group environment among the attendees who all leave feeling not only healed, but also bonded to each other in a sacred way.” Mezdulene, in Jareeda magazine, March/April 2009, Sutherlin, U.S.A.


“ I met and studied with Amel Tafsout first in January 2010, and it was truly a life-changing experience. (…) For me it was about finding what have been looking for.(…) Her instruction and performances truly brought North African dance to life for me like non other, and struck a chord in my heart and stirred my spirit. A total of 40+ hours of instruction with her later, I’m still endlessly amazed but this incredible woman.” Tempest, in Zaghareet! Nov./Dec. 2011.


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