Khamsa: Hand of Fatima or Hand of Destiny

Certain parts of the human body were believed to remain in a sympathetic union, such as the Hand in some countries.

The hand was regarded as affording a valuable PROTECTION against ‘the evil eye’,especially if worn on the breast.In Southern Italy,the most popular charm is a representation of the hand in which the thumb is doubled under the forefinger,which is called ‘MANO FICA’,it is to believe that the same representation was even known in England.MANO CORNUTA,another representation of the hand in Napoli,is hung as a sign outside the house.

The hand,that member of the body which we employ more than any other for most actions whether ordinary,religious or magical,is both estensive and significant.

The hand has been regarded as a symbol of POWER.In Semitic usage an attack by a ghost on a human being was called ‘The Hand of the Ghost’.

The phrase ‘Gods hand’ means ‘his power’ in the Bible and in the Qur’an;and the fact that it is universally used as an instrument of BLESSING shows that it bears a relation to the supernatural.

As the hand signifies power,we find in Hindu mythology that the downcast hand means RENUNCIATION (represented in the gigantic figure of Budha Kyaikpun).

In ancient Egypt,the symbolism is found as early as 1570 BC for a stone carving of that periode,the RA, the sun’s disk is represented with numerous rays each terminating in a hand.In Jewish times,each of the fingers of God’s hand were regarded as having a special meaning,and the right hand was considered more important than the left by the Arabs.

Among the early Greeks,the hand was a symbol of significance and the Romans used it as a SACRED symbol.

The hand was also represented as sending down rays of light in the Christian religion,thus expressing the DIVINE BENEFICENCE shed upon the earth or on a person. It is shown in the act of BLESSING.

The significance of the OPEN HAND is almost universal,its meaning is to avert or to protect.It is used to stop the approach of any undesired person or thing.The open hand is used as an amulet in oriental countries,is called HAND OF THE PROPHET or HAND OF FATIMA.

The hand was also regarded as a symbol of JUSTICE in France.The upliefted hand was used to command SILENCE,while in religious rites,the laying of the hand was a BLESSING.HEALING BY TOUCH was already performed by the priest-physicians of ancient Egypt and Babylonia.

HOLY HAND is believed to remove deseases.The hand is a personal magnetis that some people have.

One of the most popular amulets used by the Arabs is the OPEN HAND,which like the MANI FICO in Southern Italy is to avert the ‘evil eye’.The symbolisme of the hand raised,palm outwards,to repel some threatened evil,is abvious and the 5 fingers represent the five most sacred persons in Islam, Muhammed,Ali,Fatima,Hasan and Husain.

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